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Euro Elite Hockey Development Offers Hockey Training Programs

For Hockey Players In Canada, USA & Europe


Euro Elite Hockey is introducing a hockey development program from Pro to Minor Hockey level. We will provide an opportunity for the players to work with Coaches with proven coaching experience at the Professional, University, and Minor Hockey level. Without a doubt, this all-inclusive and high-intensity development is yet to be offered in Vancouver and promises to deliver unparalleled, pivotal development focusing on the following areas: POWER SKATING, STICK-HANDLING, PUCK CONTROL, SHOOTING & SCORING, PASSING & RECEIVING, CONTROLLED SCRIMMAGES, BATTLE DRILLS, PUCK PROTECTION, UNDERHANDLING THE PUCK and much more...


Hockey Camps

We are offering Spring/ Summer and Fall/ Winter Development Camps.

European Camps and Tours


Private & Semi Private Session

We are offering Private and

Semi-Private Sessions.



-Passing & Receiving


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Minor Hockey Development

We are offering Minor Hockey Development Sessions.

-Team Practices

-Team Skill Sessions

-Small Area Games


If you can't shoot, you can't score.

Sniper Shooting Program ~ 8 Weeks

Guido Lamberti-Charles presents his Sniper Shooting Program, a revolutionary training initiative designed to sharpen players’ shooting skills and elevate their scoring prowess on the ice. This intensive program focuses on refining the mechanics and techniques of shooting, including quick-release shots, shooting through traffic, and scoring in tight spaces. Through a combination of expert coaching, targeted drills, and specialized training methods, players will enhance their accuracy, power, and goal-scoring instincts. Join the Sniper Shooting Program today and unlock your potential to become a lethal sniper on the ice.

Our Mission

Guido's extensive experience as a coach and player developer spans over 20 years globally. His mission is to help athletes from Euro Elite Hockey reach their full potential and become better hockey players by combining European skating and skill with North American physicality and quick transitions. With his coaching and teaching style, Guido fosters creativity and skill development in his players, helping them excel both on and off the ice.


Train to become an Elite Hockey Player with Euro Elite Hockey

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Guido is a highly experienced coach and player developer with over 20 years of experience worldwide. He has worked in various countries such as North America, Germany, Belgium, Austria, and Italy, coaching at university, U18 Prep, Bantam AAA levels, and professional levels.


Guido's experience includes being a guest speaker for USA Hockey at Level 4, serving as the head coach for 14 U Central District 2016-19, coaching at Iowa State University (Div.1), and coaching in various European leagues such as Alps League, Italian Hockey League, Belgium Elite League, Germany Div. 4/5. He has also worked with BC Hockey/Minor Hockey and conducted international hockey camps in the USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Austria, and Italy.


Guido has the following certifications: HP1 Hockey Canada, USA Hockey Level 3 & 4, IIHF Level C & B, and Team Manager Level C Sportbund Rhineland (Germany).

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