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Clients of Euro Elite Hockey

Ervins Mustukovs, LAT. Goalie

Dmitrijs Zabotinskis, LAT. Goalie

Daniel Spence, CAN. Goalie

Maris Jass, LAT. Defenceman

Ricards Birzins, LAT. Defenceman

Aric Schinke, CAN/GER. Defenceman

Hannes Oberdoerfer, ITA. Defenceman

John Armstrong, CAN. Forward

2006 round 3 #87 overall by Calgary Flames

Josh Gratton,CAN. Forward

AHL Champion 2014/15

Brad Moran,CAN. Forward

1998 round 7 #191 overall by Buffalo Sabres

Koba Jass, Lat. Forward

Patrick Divjak, USA/AUT, Forward

Ben Payne, CAN. Forward

Michael Piluso, CAN/ITA. Forward

Mike Henderson, USA. Forward

Dave Babych, CAN. Coach

Brad Gratton, CAN. Coach

Chris Lijdsman, CAN. Defenceman

James Isaacs, CAN. Defenceman

Mike Daugulis, CAN. Forward

Ben Skinner, CAN. Forward

Tyler Steveson, CAN. Forward

Adam Klein, CAN. Forward

Felix Koebele, GER. Forward

Brendan Ellis, CAN. Defenceman


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