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EE-Hockey Development
Introduces In-Season Shooting & Scoring Clinics.


This fall/winter, EEHockey will offer an In-Season Skill & Shooting Clinic at Scotia Barn for Junior & U18AAA players. This program will allow players to work on their shooting & scoring skills during the regular season. This integrated program is designed to take your shot and scoring to a new level with extensive on-ice  sessions, players will work on the following:

  • Proper techniques & mechanics in all quick-release shots
    (wrist, snap, combo wrist-snap, slap shot.)

  • Choosing when and using the proper techniques and mechanics in all types of passes (forehand, backhand, saucer, drop pass, and much more...

  • Shooting in stride - Minimize release time. Stride leg release with foot separation lowers posture.

  • Shooting through traffic – How to locate the near target to get the puck to the net target.

  • Shooting in tight – of rebounds and under pressure

  • Shooting off a pass – Receiving a pass and putting the puck into a sweet spot to shoot quickly. (on the tape / off the tape)

  •  Work on 2 touch releases, receive the pass and ‘impact’ it with speed and power, surprising the goalie.

  • One Timers – How to utilize your hips by lowering your posture to get more power.

  • Understanding the Goalies – Get to know their positioning, tendencies and habits. They have consistent behaviour patterns. – Learn how and when to study them.

Start Oct. 12th

End:  Mar. 27th 


Scotia Barn


$50.00 plus GST

Group :

Junior A/B & U18AAA

Sessions: Drop In




3.00 - 3.50 pm (50min)

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