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Hockey Winter Development 2023


Skill & Shooting Clinic



This Winter, Euro Elite Hockey (Snipershooting) will be offering sessions on-on-ice skills & shooting instructions provided by professional coach Guido Lamberti-Charles.


The program's design is to develop all aspects of the player's skill techniques at the elite level, focusing primarily on the following:

  • Proper techniques & mechanics in all quick-release shots
    (wrist, snap, combo wrist-snap, slap shot.)

  • Choosing when and using the proper techniques and mechanics in all types of passes (forehand, backhand, saucer, drop pass, and much more...

  • Shooting in stride - Minimize release time. Stride leg release with foot separation lowers posture.

  • Shooting through traffic – Locating the near target to get the puck to the net target.

  • Shooting in tight – of rebounds and under pressure

  • Shooting off a pass – Receiving a pass and putting the puck into a sweet spot to shoot quickly. (on the tape / off the tape)

  • Work on two-touch releases, receive the pass, and 'impact' it with speed and power, surprising the goalie.

  • Work on One-Timers – How to utilize your hips by lowering your posture to get more power.

  • Understanding the Goalies – Get to know their positioning, tendencies, and habits. They have consistent behaviour patterns. – Learn how and when to study them.

More information on my Instagram or YouTube Channel!


Start:  Jan. 4th

End:   Mar. 8th



Scotia Barn Burnaby



$549.00 + GST Drop In








Group Size:

Limited  to

10 players


Time and Dates:


Winter Development Program

Jan. 04th, 3.45 pm

Jan. 11th, 3.45 pm

Jan.18th, 3.45 pm

Jan. 25th, 3.45 pm

Feb. 01st, 3.45 pm

Feb. 08th, 3.45 pm

Feb. 15th, 3.45 pm

Feb. 22nd, 3.45 pm

Mar. 01st, 3.45 pm

Mar. 08th, 3.45 pm

Must have played AssociationU13/11 AAA-A1 or higher in 2021/22

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