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U18/13 Defenseman Camp

Work on your defensive skills with Mack Gray Defensive Coach  Vancouver North West Hawks U16 AAA



This summer, Euro Elite Hockey will be offering a 5-day Defenseman Skill Development Clinic at Scotia Barn. This program will provide players the opportunity to work on their defensive skills and shots. This program is designed to develop all aspects of the player's defensive skill techniques at the elite level with a primary focus on Puck-Control, Passing & Receiving, and Shooting.


Instruction will be provided by  Guido Lamberti-Charles and Mack Gray. This will be exciting 5-days full of hockey development, learning, and fun.

Defense Skills

Puck Retrievals

A. Eyes (Shoulder checks, eyes up when stick touches puck)

B. Cutting net in 1/2

C. Using net as an advantage

D. Breakouts (D up, D-D, reverses, weak side options, goalie option*)

Stick Checking/Board Play/Defending

A. Reefing along boards

B. Stick on puck (Protecting triangle/showing forehand/mirroring)

C. Scoops (Bantam/Midget)

D. Hit and pins

E. Switching hands (Bantam/Midget)

F. 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2 (Defending neutral zone + net)

G. Fronting/Tying up sticks H. Shot blocking


A. Transitional skating B. Backwards skating

C. Lateral movement

D. Escapes with puck


A. Creating lanes in all three zones

B. Deception along the blue line

C. Punches D. Half slap shots

E. Catch + release F. Under handling

 Neutral Zone play

 A. Neutral zone transitions with/without puck

 B. Activating to offense

 C. Hinges

Start: August 31st 

End: September 4th    

5 Days


Scotia Barn

Cost Full Camp:

$300 +GST

Group :



Level: AAA & AA

Limited to 14 players!

Dates & Start Times:


Start Time/Date:

10.30 am 31st Aug.

3.00 pm 1st Sep.

3.00 pm 2nd

3.00 pm 3rd

3.00 pm 4th

All sessions are 50min only!