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Sniper Shooting

NEW Location

Atomic Hockey Training Facility in Langley

You can't score if you don't learn to shoot!

Our program is designed for all level of players who are looking for a way to take their game to the next level.  With the help of our qualified instructors, we will analyze and improve your shot. Advanced Shooter Techniques from Pro Hockey are utilized, including: Open blade, Heel, Heel- to-Toe and Mid-blade release.

This program is at the same Training Facility of Veit Goaltending, 825 Mc Bride Blvd. New Westminster, Canada

The synthetic ice also enables you to wear your skates.  So when you get on the ice, it will be just as if you were on the synthetic ice.

Shooting Infos:

Sessions are 30min per/session

Please bring: skates, helmet, clove and stick for the sessions!

MHA Team/ small group sessions available. 

As per terms and conditions, I require 24 hours notice of cancellation in order to allow for re-booking for scheduled appointment otherwise fees will be forfeit.

All sessions are one on one!

Breakdown and analyze every type of shot:

  • Wrist shot

  • Snap shot

  • Slap shot

  • Backhand shot

Players will become proficient in:

  • Technique: hand placement, body position and puck position

  • Shooting of the toe

  • Underhandling the puck before the shot ,short backswing (Quick release)

  • Accuracy: head up and see your target, picking corners, follow thru

  • Changing the angle

  • The fake shot

  • Close in shots

We also work on scoring techniques and when to use what shot:

  • Shooting in stride ( using weight transfer stride to generate power)

  • Looking off the target (no look shot)

  • Shooting thru traffic (how to great shooting lanes)

  • Reading the goalie and where to shoot



Stickhandling is perhaps the most difficult of the basic skills to master but possibly the most fun. It allows a player to carry the puck down the ice and to move around opponents to create better scoring opportunities. Stick handling is one of the most exciting parts of ice hockey to watch and the more skilled a player becomes the more involved in the game they will become.

Passing & Receiving

Forehand passing

  • Player is in the normal Stick handling stance

  • Bring the puck behind the back leg

  • Body weight is on the back leg

  • Puck is in the middle portion of the stick blade

  • Stick blade should be at right angles to the target

  • Head is up looking at the target, make eye contact with receiver

  • Puck is passed towards target with a sweeping action of the arms

  • As the puck is passed, the weight is transferred from the rear leg to the front leg

  • Follow through low and towards the target

  • Be prepared to receive

Receiving the pass on the forehand

  • Head up looking at the puck, make eye contact with passer

  • Present a target, stick blade on the ice

  • Keep blade at 90 degrees toward direction of puck

  • As the puck contacts the blade, some give is allowed providing a cushioning effect

  • Be prepared to pass

Moving while passing

  • Once the players have reached a certain level of accuracy with their passing, it is time to learn how to pass and receive while skating. Practice both forehand and backhand sides.

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